Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are done in areas where a patient does not want a noticeable, metallic filling to be visible, or for persons that just do not want a metallic filling. This material is an improved plastic material with fillers such as silicates that improve wear/abrasion characteristics. These fillings look great, and can be done in most cases, to be barely noticeable or not noticeable when compared to metallic fillings.

Please discuss the tooth colored fillings with the doctor, as there are some negative characteristics of composite fillings. For example, composites do not have the longevity of metallic fills, lasting considerably less than the longevity of metallic fills. Patients with known allergies to methyl- methacrylate or any ingredient of composites should not use them in dental treatment. Other tooth-colored materials, such as porcelain, are available and would be preferred for patients with these rare allergies.

Tooth-colored materials result in the most esthetic dental treatment. They are beautiful! If one of your primary concerns is optimal esthetics, these types of materials should be one of the options you consider.

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