Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are the traditional silver metallic fillings that have been used since the turn of the century. Modern silver fillings are sold in standardized capsules of premeasured silver, mercury, copper and other trace elements making mixes very consistent. Amalgam fillings are long lasting – one of their better characteristics. Some patients do not like the metallic appearance, these patients may wish to use an alternative material. An allergy to any of the elements that comprise dental amalgam, would clearly be an indication to use a different material.

Years ago, there were concerns regarding the safe use of dental amalgam because of the elemental mercury used to make the alloy. However, a vast majority of recently published research has shown the material to be safe and effective when used in dental fillings. Previous fears of a link with Alzheimer’s, mercury poisoning, and even multiple sclerosis have proven to be unfounded. As such, silver amalgam filling material is used in our office as one of many available materials that the patient and doctor may consider for a given treatment need. We use safe handling practices for all of the materials we use in our office.

The doctor and staff will be happy to discuss your treatment options with you in our office. You can then tell us which material you wish to use. We are available to discuss both the positive and negative characteristics of each material choice. We encourage your active participation in your treatment choices, after all, they are your teeth.

Call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment. If we do not immediately respond to your contact please allow us some time to respond as the focus of our attention is the individual we are actively treating. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you.

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